Funeral and Memorial Services

A funeral service provides several ways for families, friends, and communities to celebrate the life of a loved one.

  • Helps survivors overcome grief by facing the reality of death.
  • Provides respectful care and pays tribute to the unique life of the deceased.
  • Gives relatives and friends of the deceased a much needed opportunity to express their feelings of love and respect towards someone who was a very important part of their life.

Archer-Weston Funeral Home provides the information and services to help you and your loved ones during a very personal and emotional time.

Selecting Funeral Service

After vital information has been recorded and you begin planning your funeral services, we recommend writing down your wishes and ideas to share with family and friends as you make decisions about your funeral service.

Archer-Weston funeral directors will always be there to listen to your wishes and make suggestions, but all final decisions concerning your service will be yours.

Begin Funeral Planning

Service options to consider:

  • Visitation and Memorial
  • Cremation or Burial
  • Type of Urn or Casket
  • Type of Vault or Tomb
  • Marker or Memorial Stone
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Music and Ambience
  • Photographs, Videos, and Imagery
  • Special Requests




Funeral Funding Options

Once you have planned your final ceremony and decided to set aside funds to cover the costs, you will be able to choose between several payment options for your services.

Direct Pay

When you pay Archer-Weston Funeral Home directly, we place your investment in a funeral trust. Your funeral trust builds interest in hopes of keeping pace with with inflation between the time the trust is created and the time of need.

Multiple Payment Options

Arrangements can be made to pay over time, however Archer-Weston recommends purchasing an insurance policy when utilizing this payment option.

An insurance policy not only gives you added security, but also a third-party administrator of payments and death benefits. Insurance will guarantee payment of the pre-need amount in the event need occurs before payment has been made in full.

Life Insurance Assignment

Life Insurance policy benefits may be assigned to funeral costs. After the costs of your arrangements have been covered, benefits exceeding the cost of funeral expenses will then be sent to your family. In the case of a public assistance program, it is required by federal law that funds be returned to the program itself.

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