Prearranging A Funeral

With much thought and consideration, we plan the special events in our lives. We save for and plan every detail of our weddings, homes, education, children, and retirement. It would only make sense to take the same care and consideration when planning our own funeral ceremony.

While thinking about and planning your funeral ceremony may not sound like something you want to spend much time on, it can be a blessed gift to give our loved ones. Carefully planning for the future will take the stress of decision making out of what will most certainly be an already difficult time for them.


Why You Should Prearrange

  • It is easier to do now than in the middle of a crisis.
  • You can save a considerable amount of money.
  • You don’t want your family to have to pay for funeral costs.
  • You don’t want your family to have to scramble for information.
  • You don’t want your family to have to make tough choices.
  • You are on Medicaid or other public aid and need to prefund your funeral.

Deciding On Options

Many decisions must be made at the time of death. Planning ahead can reduce the stress of making funeral arrangements. The following must be considered:

  • Type of Service
  • Type of Casket
  • Type of Vault
  • Visitation
  • Clothing
  • Newspaper Notices
  • Flowers and preferred florist
  • Clergy
  • Burial Instructions
  • Music
  • Register Book/Printed Materials

Use the Funeral Pre-Arrangement Guide to build the ideal service for you or a loved one.

Funeral Pre-Arrangement Guide

Your Program Of Choice

Pre-funding guarantees service and merchandise.

Services and merchandise you select now will be provided at no additional cost to your family or estate once you have begun the program.

The prearrangement program is nationwide.

The value of your prearrangement is easily transferable should you move or just wish to switch to another funeral home.

The prearrangement program is not considered an asset.

If you go on Medicaid or other government assistance, need nursing home care, are sued, or declare bankruptcy, your funeral prearrangement plans and money are protected.

Earn tax free interest on your policy.

Your policy earns interest to keep up with the cost of inflation and the cost of the funeral. This interest is not taxable.

Archer-Weston provides easy payment options.

You may take up to ten years to fund your plan, but if you die before your policy is completely paid, the complete balance or a specific percentage will automatically be paid for you.

You may change your selections.

We understand people’s needs change. Your prearrangements may be simplified or made more elaborate.

Everyone up to the age of 99 is accepted.

Unlike many other programs, you will not be turned down due to your health.

Protect your family and friends.

Your plan will help everyone involved avoid costly mistakes, overspending, confusion, and hurt feelings.

The prearrangement program is a gift of love to your family.

Planning ahead is truly a gift of love and kindness to your family and relieves a tremendous burden from your loved ones.

A sound program and decision.

This type of program is recommended by leading senior citizen groups, attorneys, and banks.

Transfer to Archer-Weston

Transferring your funeral prearrangements to Archer-Weston is simple. We take care of all necessary paper work and notifications for you, now or during your time of need.

Certified Preplanning Consultants

When preplanning a funeral, many decisions need to be made. Our professional team puts your needs first by meeting with you to discuss your options and help you evaluate choices of services.

Speak with Archer-Weston’s friendly certified preplanning consultants Linda Wann and Bonnie Reynolds.


Prearranging a funeral can be simple or detailed. We will help make the choices that work best for you.

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